Vicki Duckett, owner of Happy Brain Neurofeedback, helps individuals improve their lives through brain optimization. Her son was diagnosed with ADHD in kindergarten, and she and her husband decided to seek out alternatives to medication. After seeing much success with her son’s neurofeedback sessions, she decided to give it a try herself. She found it was life-changing for her family and decided that she wanted to help other individuals experience the benefits of NeurOptimal┬« Neurofeedback. Vicki is a certified NeurOptimal┬« Trainer.

NeurOptimal Certified Basic TrainerHow many sessions? Each individual is different; however, most individuals train anywhere from 20 to 40 sessions. The first session, for a new client, is complimentary. The regular charge for one session is $60. Happy Brain also offers a package of 10 sessions for $500.

Please contact us to arrange a complimentary session, or to ask any questions you may have regarding Happy Brain Neurofeedback.